About Us

Gyanagni Consulting was incorporated in 2003 in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. We started off with Pure Play IT Consulting but were forced to morph and play a vital role in Organization Building for our Clients and we took up the role. We are playing it with an indomitable spirit to date.

Gyanagni” is a Sanskrit word and it means “Fire of Knowledge”. “Gyan” means “Knowledge” denoting the “talent” and “Agni” means “Fire” signifying “brightness”. Gyanagni literally means “Fire of Knowledge” and figuratively stands for “Bright Talent”. Our morphing does not seem to be an accidental coincidence.

Our Logo is based on the Sun Theme. Sun is luminous and is the earth’s primary source of energy. The “Agni” in our name also denotes the “Sun”. We intend to be our clients’ primary source of “bright talent” in whatever we choose to do. That Core Value does not change over time. That is our Soul.

Our Executive Management Hiring, Junior Management Hiring & Employer Branding Services help clients find quality talent for their Organization in a short period of time. We add value by pre-screening and providing near match candidates. Our Value add doesn’t stop there. We focus on “Offer to Joinee” ratios and engage the candidates after they are selected and help them join our clients. We specialize in IT, Finance, Accounts, Sales & Marketing skills from mid to senior levels. We have worked with a number of companies and to name a few – SAP Labs, Office Tiger, ITC Infotech, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Crimson Logic, Wipro, Cybernet Software Systems, Synaptris, Symphony Services, Intech Consulting (Turkey) etc.