About Us

We started off with Pure Play IT Consulting. But our singular focus now is on “Technology for Sales & Marketing”. To that end, we have now built three growth engines: CRM Consulting Practice, Social Media Practice & Digital Marketing Practice. We are a start-up with a deep desire to build an organization that will stand the test of time and add value to its clients on a continual basis.

Gyanagni” is a Sanskrit word and it means “Fire of Wisdom”. “Gyan” means “Wisdom” denoting the “sound judgement” in a complex & dynamic environment, an ability that is considered higher in ranking compared to the Cognizant aptitude [general awareness] and “Agni” means “Fire” signifying “brightness”, “powerfulness”, “relentlessness”, “energy” & “boundless passion”.

Gyanagni literally means “Fire of Wisdom” but figuratively stands for “sound judgement married to boundless passion”.

Our Logo is based on the Sun Theme. Sun is luminous and is the earth’s primary source of energy. The “Agni” in our name also denotes the “Sun”. We intend to be our clients’ primary source of “wisdom” in whatever we choose to do. That Core Value does not change over time. That is our Soul. Also, our logo symbolically represents “light driving out darkness”.

Our CRM Consulting Services help Clients worldwide achieve all round Customer Satisfaction and bring in more business for them. It helps them achieve deep relationships with their clients, vendor partners, sales partners and employees. With our agile methodologies and our deep functional expertise, our clients stand to gain by partnering with us.

Our Social Media Consulting Services help Businesses around the globe leverage their Social Media Presence effectively in Marketing, Sales, Recruitment, Corporate Branding, Employer Branding & Customer Service.

Our Digital Marketing Services help Enterprises in Branding, understanding Consumer Behaviour & the Cognitive Science behind it. We help them formulate Consumer-Centric Marketing Strategies, undertake Data Analysis leading to Strategic Decision Making and evolve Story Telling with passion.