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How to Build an Amazing CV that stands out !!!

The CV is the first thing that a prospective employer gets to see about a candidate. Hence, it is only wise to spend hours/weeks together to put together this important document of one’s career.

  1. Name as in official records, contact information – address, contact nos, email id, a tag line [tag line similar to IT Sales Professional or Siebel Certified Architect or Oracle DBA [production] or Program Manager]
  2. Objective [In one sentence or at the most, two sentences, what is the objective in your career at this point? Where do you want to go from here and do what? And why ?]
  3. Summary [What is the sum total of your experience and skills, what are you good at, what skills do you have, what experience do you have, why should someone simply hire you] {needs deep thinking} [Can include Sub Sections like: Bullet Points of Exp and Skills etc, then Core Competency, then Technical Skills etc]
  4. Employment History [Where did you work and from when to when]
  5. Work Experience – Employer, Projects Worked and Dates thereof, Role, Achievements [ This should clearly indicate how you have progressed in your career so far]
  6. Areas of Interest [Work in Progress]
  7. Awards & Recognitions
  8. Pet Projects, if any
  9. Professional Memberships
  10. Publications, Research Papers, if any
  11. Training and Certifications
  12. Educational Qualification [Degree Passed, Year of Passing, Uty name, CGPA]
  13. Extra Curricular Activities
  14. Community Service
  15. Personal Information [Name, Father’s Name, DOB, Sex, Nationality, Language, Hobbies]

You can have a one page short resume with the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Brand Statement for you [what does Brand you stand for and why]
  3. Vision, Mission, Values for you [need not name it Vision, Mission, Values – but that is what you need to convey here, you may wish to call it by some other name]
  4. What strengths do you have
  5. What motivates you
  6. Why are you looking for a change [tricky]

I request you to read a book called: “Career Distinction” Stand Out by Building Your Brand By William Arruda & Kirsten Dixson

CV Format: Please use a clean format without any graphics or too many lines. Keep it simple with lot of white spaces. Highlight only those you think are critical. Generally using Calibri Font, 11 point size, justified makes a resume look good. But you can choose your own font. Pdf is looked at with respect. Word .doc .docx are also fine. There are no rules like number of pages that a resume should have or should not have. But in general practice 4 page resumes are the most common. 10,11,12 or 15 page resumes are boring. Content is the king. It is like copy writing. You have only space of 4 inches by 2 inches or let us say 140 characters and you still need to convey what you need to, with a punch. That is called Brevity. Same applies to CV also.